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 Hunger crisis Relief for Haiti is a program that is helping to support those significantly affected economically by COVID-19. This program gives opportunities for people to share God’s blessings to others by creating a food Pantry.​Before the pandemic, Haitians were living below the poverty line. That means people were living on less than $1 a day. Most people in Haiti are not even capable of affording one meal per day. After the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, many Haitians were left unsheltered, with food insecurities, and unemployment.​The pandemic is making everything worse than it was. The population is facing illness, people are dying from hunger, and economic insecurity persists all over the country that is being fueled by a 20% inflation increase. Overall, Covid-19 is deeply hurting the nation. Sharing Blessings to Others counts on its supporters to assist those who are in need.

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Any amount of donation will be gratefully appreciated. Please click on the button above. 
Monthly Donation:
With $50 dollars a month you can feed a family. Please click on the button above. 

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