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 Earthquake Emergency Program (Haiti 2021)

About this program:

The scholarship program aims to raise between $20,000 and 30,000 dollars to fund children's tuition and school supplies who currently have physical access to school but not the financial means to attend. ( The economic needs of Haiti continue to evolve affecting donation goals.) Any additional donations go to help rebuild and repair schools affected by the earthquake. Scouts in local villages are seeking out families in need of a helping hand and will access the appropriate amount of financing the families need.


What makes this program different from others
Most people affected by the earthquake live in rural communities with much weaker connections to philanthropic organizations compared to the cities. They are just not getting the aid they need. Only members of local communities have a full grasp of the damage done to their villages and the individuals affected. The locals know their needs more than any outside organization does.

That is why we are targeting these rural communities by working with locals in the areas heavily affected by the earthquake. Most government and foreign aid has gone to provide food, shelter, and clothing to the survivors, neglecting education. The higher needs of the community, including education, have not been met. As parents struggle to meet the immediate demands of recovery, children long to go back to school. Many classrooms sit in rubble as schools in urban areas reopen and leave entire towns behind the curve. The scholarship program can help change this.

How can you help? 

To support this program, click on the donate link. You can give a one-time donation or fixed monthly donations. You can also tell others about the needs of Haiti by sharing this link on social media platforms. Consider purchasing our items such as Hats, shirts, bracelets, and so on as a way to donate

One time Donation:
Any amount of donation will be gratefully appreciated. Please click on the button above. 
Monthly Donation:
With $50 dollars a month you can feed a family. Please click on the button above. 

Scholarships Emergency Program

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