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Port-Au-Prince, Haiti




Our Mission:

Sharing Blessings to Others Organization

After daily bread, education is the most important weapon we can use to spark change. Humanity advances through education. Unfortunately, many kids from around the world do not have access to this privilege due to economic barriers or the life they were born into. People with access to education are blessed, and it is life-changing to share this blessing.

Our Organization works to provide children with a life full of learning which in turn leads them to a life of opportunity and greatness.


Who We Are:

     Sharing Blessings to Others is an organization lead by a group of students who wish to support kids living in Haiti who do not have the resources or the financial means to attend school. (Especially in shanty towns such as Cite Soleil). We strongly believe in the power of education, and to achieve this goal, Sharing Blessings to Others counts on its supporters. Without your help, we would not be able to make this dream a reality. We invite all of our friends, supporters, and followers to work with us to share blessings by supporting kids in Cite Soleil. Your help is invaluable to the kids in the community.

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