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Sponsored kids to go to school:


Since September 2016, Sharing Blessings To Others has helped support two kids receive an education. Their families were unable to afford the heavy expenses of the Haitian education system leaving Dawens and Christie with very few options. Dawens Medley and Christie Thermitus, are both from single-parent families. Their moms were the only people contributing to their scholastic ambitions.
In 2016, their mom's financial struggles made the children very worried. A friend of the Sharing Blessings to Others founder met with the families to find out how to help. SBO decided to step in and fund Dawen's and Christie's tuition. SBO ran a fundraiser for the children and sold Haitian Arts, such as bracelets, shirts, key holders, hats, necklaces, and earrings to help subsidize the families.  

Since then the program has expanded to help many struggling families in Haiti afford tuition. You can help us by clicking the donate button or by purchasing our beautiful, handcrafted Haitian arts. By contributing just $20 a month, you can support a child living in Haiti. Get involved by participating in our "Summer Camp" event as the school year begins by donating gently used (or new!) school supplies. Help make a difference for a child trying to pursue an education. Anything helps and even the smallest contribution is greatly appreciated and can make a huge impact. Thank you for your generosity.

Back to school :


The Back to School Project has a mission to support kids whose parents don't have enough money to buy them school supplies after paying their tuition. We help parents get their kids ready to go back to school by providing backpacks, pens, notebooks, pencils, etc... This is a program to take note of.


Summer Camp:

The summer camp is part of the Back to school project, which allows socialization, and provides school supplies for distribution to children living in Cite Soleil. The parents cannot afford basic school necessities for their children. We provide the kids with positive, structured enrichment activities. We teach them languages (English, French), crafts, the Bible, singing, etc.

On August 27, the summer camp started with the expected 36 children. We were surprised that day was challenging for us due to a lack of resources, especially in the kitchen area. During the week, eight kids were added to those already registered but were not on our list. We kept them in any way and made it work.


That was so important to us since this area where the summer camp took place is very impoverished. Most people are not even capable of having one meal a day. Joining our summer camp gave them two meals a day. That meant a lot to the children and the parents. It was probably the only way they were able to feed their children.


This summer camp had a lot of positive impacts not only on children but also on the community. People in the community came together to help, including moms, sisters, friends, and neighbors. The camp was a great success!

Supporting Haiti economics and raising awareness of Haitian culture:

Many Americans only became aware of the conditions in Haiti after an earthquake and hurricane struck the nation. By selling Haitian Arts, we raise awareness of Haitian culture and the dire needs of others who are less fortunate, or disadvantaged.​​

To sponsor Haitian children and give them school supplies such as backpacks, pens, pencils, notes book, etc... we buy Haitian Arts that are handmade such as bracelets, key rings, earrings, and necklaces. We sell the goods and use all profits to purchase school supplies for the children.


Hunger Crisis relief for Haiti:

Hunger crisis Relief for Haiti is a program that is helping to support those significantly affected economically by COVID-19. This program gives opportunities for people to share God’s blessings to others by creating a food Pantry.​Before the pandemic, Haitians were living below the poverty line. That means people were living on less than $1 a day. Most people in Haiti are not even capable of affording one meal per day.


After the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, many Haitians were left unsheltered, with food insecurities, and unemployment.​The pandemic is making everything worse than it was. The population is facing illness, people are dying from hunger, and economic insecurity persists all over the country that is being fueled by a 20% inflation increase. Overall, Covid-19 is deeply hurting the nation. Sharing Blessings to Others counts on its supporters to assist those who are in need.

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