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   Sharing Blessings to Others is an Organization of volunteer students and friends working together to support children who are in the most vulnerable and poverty-stricken areas of Haiti, such as Cite Soleil. SBO is an avid supporter of the Haitian arts by aiding talented young people to be self-reliant and supporting people who own small businesses.

  Sharing Blessing to Others philosophy is ultimately to share God’s blessings with others who are less fortunate, especially children who are at a disadvantage. For example, some children would love to go to school, but their parents cannot afford tuition and school supplies. SBO has sponsored them via financial support and supplying them with school supplies, like backpacks, notebooks, writing utensils, etc. Sharing Blessings to Others is motivated to support students because some of us have experienced the same situations where our parents can’t get us into school. We know first-hand the reality of living in the poverty of Haiti. We believe that education will prepare them for a better future.














   To sponsor Haitian children and give them school supplies such as backpacks, pens, pencils, notes book, etc... we buy handmade Haitian arts such as bracelets, key rings, earrings, and necklaces. Then we sell them and use the profits to purchase school supplies. Many Americans became aware of the conditions in Haiti only after a major earthquake and hurricane. By selling Haitian Arts, we raise awareness of Haitian culture and the dire needs of children who are less fortunate or disadvantaged.



What we do

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