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Support local refugees in Haiti

 What is happening?


Due to a stagnant economy, famine, and public health problems, the random chaos of daily life is hurting many people. The humanitarian crisis has been going on for over a week, with war between gangs making many families homeless. People left their homes without knowing where they were going. Some of them are refugees staying in public places. According to local news, at least 39 civilians were killed in recent conflicts. Dozens of homes were burned down, schools, clinics, and markets were closed and far more than 1,000 people fled, including children. "It broke our heart when I'm talking to my family and friends who are in Haiti, and they are telling me how hopeless they are", said Jean Michaud, founder of SBO.

How can I Help?

You can help us by clicking the donate button or purchase our beautiful, handcrafted Haitian arts. By contributing just $20 a month, you can support families living in Haiti, especially children. Help make a difference for families and children trying to survive. Anything helps and even the tiniest contribution can make a huge impact. Thank you for your generosity.

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