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This is Kim Bradfort and her husband Mike, who are from the Bahamas. I, Jean Michaud (Founder of SBO), met Kim and her husband Mike at Chico Community Church. I talked to Kim and Mike about my dream of Helping other people in Haiti, especially Kids. Because of our passion to make a change and bringing light to the children in Haiti, Kim and Mike are now volunteering to make our dream come true. We are so grateful to have them as volunteers.




Every year, Sharing Blessings to Others (SBO) organizes a summer camp titled Getting Haitians to School Through Summer Camp.


The summer camp is purposed to support and sponsor Haitian children by giving them the school supplies they need, such as backpacks, pens, pencils, notes book, etc...

Before the summer camp, we organized a fundraising event to sell Haitian Arts that were handmade including bracelets, key rings, earrings, necklaces, etc... We used all profits from selling the Haitian Arts to purchase school supplies for the children.

To make the fundraising event succeed, fellow classmates, colleagues, and friends came out to help. SBO wants to thank everyone that came by to say hi and support the event.




This is Jean Chrislot Michaud, founder of SBO, and professor Bernadette Tello.

I want to say thank you to my professor who's supporting Sharing Blessings To Others by purchasing Haitian Arts through our fundraiser. She is helping to support children whose parents can't afford their education.

This money will be used to support the children's tuition and provide crucial school supplies needed to succeed. Your money will make a big impact, helping children to reach their full potential. Thanks, Professor Tello!



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