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Help Michaud makes his dream come true!

Help me to make my dream come true

This video is about Jean Chrislot Michaud dream's before he came to the USA. Jean Chrislot Michaud From Haiti, Raised in Cité Soleil, a shantytown in Port-Au-Prince, my life began in one of the poorest and most dangerous slums in the Western Hemisphere. My parents did odd jobs to make ends meet and support their family, but my mother would not let our poverty or my stature as a dwarf stand in the way of my schooling, which requires tuition at even the elementary level. If you speak English, you can have a better life. My goal is to learn better English to share my blessings with other people. In 2010, devastation struck. The earthquake that killed 220,000 people wreaked havoc across the country and took the lives of some of my friends and neighbors, yet i remained upbeat and committed to my future. While working with as an interpreter for Samaritan’s Purse, i met Chico resident Debi Moore, an emergency medical technician on a mission trip assisting in the post-earthquake cholera outbreak. We formed an instant bond, working together sometimes for up to 12 hours a day during the 10 days she was there. because of my dedication to learn more and improve other people life,They Moore's family soon decided i could secure a better education in the United States and discovered a great international program was right near their home, at Butte College. Now i'm at Butte College learning computer information systems(C.S.I). I'm trying to make my dream come true by doing this non-profit organization(Sharing Blessings to Others).

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