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Deborah Moore

Secretary/Board Member

Debi Moore is the secretary of Sharing Blessings to Others (SBO) and was there from the inception of the organization. She met the founder of SBO, Jean Chrislot Michaud during a humanitarian mission trip to Haiti. Debi is an RN and was able to use her skills in the clinic at Port-Au-Prince treating cholera patients. Michaud was her interpreter at the time and the two of them formed a friendship that went well beyond the extent of the short mission.

Debi and her late husband, Jeff, sponsored Michaud through college and during this time Michaud's dream to form a non-profit to benefit Haiti's children became a reality. She is the owner and CEO of a Side Trax Emergency Medical services, Inc. and continues to sponsor Michaud through school and lend support to his efforts through SBO. She strongly believes that God has had his hand in both of their lives thus far and that so much more is in store for them, for SBO and for Haiti!


Deborah Moore
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