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Sustain Haitien

Haiti Event Planner/Board Member

Sustain Haitian is the Project planner and secretary of Sharing Blessings To Others. He has studied technical informatics at Global technology school university (GTSU). He was a High school teacher at Institution Mixte for three years, and you worked as a computer technician. In a way to help those who are going to attend government tests, he helped them by organizing free courses such as math and physics. He had the idea also to support those who are less fortunate by establishing an organization.

Jean Chrislot Shared his vision and dream which is helping kids through education and empowering communities. I thought we could work together. I’m very satisfied with the result and the impact that we have made and we have helped. I hope that we continue to make more impact in Haitian by outreach to those who are vulnerable or less fortunate by assisting them socially, psychologically, economically. It is very important to share what we have and skill with those who are less fortunate.


Sustain Haitien
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